Carlos talks with Eurosport about England in the World Cup

In relation with James Milner, who sounds as possible incorporation for Manchester United or Manchester City, Cuellar affirmed that it goes many years playing to a great level in all positions. In addition, to play in so many different positions has done  that were exploiting his better qulities. "It has played of Attacking midfielder, centre midfielder and wingback. Only it is necessary to him to play of goalkeeper.

Cuellar emphasized the paper of Milner as centre midfielder, position that has done more goals. And he declared that it wants of returning to share wardrobe with Milner though he understands that to sports level it is something difficult if the interest for United and City its real.

Cuellar also spoke about Ashley Young, player for that the one that have been interested the principal Spanish clubs. The Spanish said that always they laugh when they read something like that in the press, and even it has offered, joking. to do of turistic guide or of interpreter, but that the player has not said to him.

"The Premier is an honest championship". This players not tries to cheat the umpire. In addition, as for England, he said that Capello is the best trainer and Rooney is in a good condition of form. England is favorite to play the final agains Spain in de Wolrld Cup of South Africa.

Finally, Cuellar affirmed to be living through a dream in England after his transfer from the Rangers. It does not think of changing equipment.